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      If you are interested in repping for our brand Please send us your details through.

      A month to month basis!

      Requirement for application

      Account should be public account

      Any age welcome as we offer ages NB to size 8-10 years depending on different styles.

      Sisters/ cousins welcome to apply together ( we have clothing range to match sisters perfectly)

      Australia wide!

      What we expect:

      At least 2 posts/photos with your bub wearing our products every 2 weeks (preferably a clear clutter free background)

      At least 1 video clip of your bub wearing our products (clip shared to us privately)

      What will you get in return?

      Features on our social platforms 

      Huge discounts on our products (50% & over), freebies with your order

      special discount codes for your families, friends and followers

      Special samples and free items for those who go above and beyond. Opportunity to work with us longer term including shop/market display photoshoots.

      Send us your details through and if you are successful, we will be in touch. 

      Talk soon!!